Re: what's delphi and is it dead?

"Rob Thorpe" <robert.thorpe@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Dica wrote:
i'm a developer and have been asked to look at a delphi app
for a
prospective client. the client is in expansion mode right now and are
willing to either add functionality on to the delphi app or scratch it
rewrite the whole thing in a newer language. i've never worked wtih
before, but from what i've been able to find out so far, it's a
of borland's ide and their object oriented version of pascal. as the
wants to make sure the app is robust enough to handle further
is building on the existing delphi app an option or should i be pushing
scratching the app and rewriting in c#?

When looking at rewriting in another language there are two things to
look at:-
1. The language of implementation and its viability
2. The quality of the legacy code.

I've found in many cases #2 is more important than #1. Look at how
good the code is and use that to make a large part of the decision. I
maintained some code up until a month ago that could only be compiled
with a C++ compiler from 1998,

is this why others have argued writing in an iso language - because i can
count on standard compilers?

in practice this was no problem and new
features could easily be added. Some people I'm working with now have
a large program written as MS-DOS batch files.


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