Re: I'm searching for a my first version control system

ruherflo@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Good night

I 've never used a version control system.

- which software recommends to me for begining?

- can we recommends to me a tutorial or basic manual (in spanish, i
prefer) to learning the basic concepts of the version control system?

I'll go against the general trend here an recommend CVS.
And TortoiseCVS:
Tortoise CVS is a very good interface into CVS.

Subversion is a newer system I haven't used it yet. But it works by
storing the versioning information in a database. I don't like this
approach very much, because recovering corrupted databases can be very

After you've learnt CVS. You may want to try one of the newer version
control systems that have more features.
There are a great many options, see:-