Re: Fastest way to generate all combinations?

Bryan said:

I want to generate a list of all possible combinations of x, y, z where
each of xyz can range from 0 -> 1000. What is the fastest way to do
this in C++?

Im using 3 nested for loops right now, but I was wondering if there was
a more efficient algorithm for this?

1000 * 1000 * 1000 * sizeof(int) is, best case, getting on for 2 Gigabytes,
and may well be double that. I have to ask - are you *sure* you want to do

Anyway, one obvious optimisation is:

for(unsigned long n = 0; n < 1000000000UL; n++)
mylist[n].x = n / 1000000UL;
mylist[n].y = (n / 1000UL) % 1000UL;
mylist[n].z = n % 1000UL;

which eliminates your inner loops.

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