Re: Programming - Where to start

Andy wrote:
How and where to start when you wan't to learn programming?
First litt background info about myself:
I'm 30 years old, and been working as a system/network administrator on the Windows platform for 10 years. I've taken several certifications, and know my way around computers.
But, I would like to learn programming, and hopefully begin working on this line of work.

But I donæt know where to start. I know people tend to learn a lot programming by themselves, and I guess, if the average 15 year old can teach himself development, so could I :-)


If you're on the MS platform, then go to .NET using either VB or C# ..NET, which has many books out there for beginners. That way, you'll get a feel for Windows desktop applications development using VB or C#.NET and WEB application development using ASP.NET with VB or C#.

There are many languages that use the .NET Framework.

If you want to get frisky, you can down load Linux and do .NET there too.

If you have done the certs, then I am telling you, you should go get the .NET certification kit.

You should some beginner books first then use the cert books, not for the certification, but the books will take you right down the line and teach you everything. It's not hard and it doesn't take a rocket scientist either.

Duane :)


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