Re: Java or C++ College Path

bugnthecode wrote:
I've decided on a Comp Science Programming major in college, and at the
community college I go to you must pick a language concentration. The 3
options are Visual Basic, Java, or C++. To me, Visual Basic doesn't
seem the way to go, (though I've never done any actual programming in
it) so I'm trying to decide between Java and C++.

It is more of a personal choice, really. C++ offers you the 'backwards
compatability' to C if you ever decide to work on a lower level (such
as embedded programming). Java gives you greater portability and
language features that better open you up to scripting language POV.
So pick your poison. You will eventually learn both.

I've done some programming in both languages. I've probably gone a
little further int the java programming, but lately I've been learning
C++ to develop an app that can interface more easily to my hardware
(serial port com. and driver interfacing). So far I really don't have a
preference to which language, they both seem to have their headaches.

All languages have their initial bumps. Once you conquer one, however,
you will find they are easier and easier the more you learn.

I know that each language is better used for it's intended purpose
(choosing the right tool for the job). But I think this decision comes
down to programmer marketability. Which language will be more

Languages aren't marketable. People are.
If you set yourself up to be as versitile as possible you will be more
in-demand than any person who knows a single language front to back.
My suggestion would be to learn one compiled language (C, C++, etc)
well, one scripting language (Ruby, Python, etc) well, both Windows and
a UNIX variant environment well. Once you have done that, you will be
well on your way to a job. Just figure out what you like to do best:
Sys Admin, Designer, Programmer, ...

So what's your take? Which concentration would you recommend and why?

Thanks for your input,