Re: Other than php/perl/lisp/c/c++/java, anybody have a favorite computer-programming language?

From: "toby" <t...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Erlang is interesting (including for CGI/web apps). ...
Are you competant enough at that language that you could (1)
install a fully documented set of helloCGI+0,1,2,3steps per my
standards set forth in
<>, then (2) collect
a complete list of primitives (operators/syntax, library functions,
etc.) provided by the language, then (3) classify those primitives
according to what kind of data they work with (for example,
something that converts from an integer to the decimal
representation of the integer would work with types integer and
string) so I know where to put them in my cookbook, and then (4) be
available if I have further questions?
Sure, if I can find the time...

Do you have access to your own Web site (on your own personal
computer with DSL or other 24/7 connection, or on a shell ISP
account) where you can set up CGI applications using Erlang as the
implemetation language? If so, would you be willing to set up a
CGI-HelloWorld program this weekend, including a shell script that
shows source and file-protection mask, similar to the
CGI-HelloWorld programs I have displayed in
Have you set up CGI applications with Erlang before, so you know
what it takes and could whip it up in five minutes? Or is it just
something you've read about, and used for offline applications, but
never tried a CGI application yourself, or did but it was so long
ago you would have to research how to do it again?

Or if the descriptions of Erlang (e.g. sufficiently interests you,

It's mildly interesting. Unfortunately it's not installed on this
Unix shell ISP, and I don't have enough unused disk space to afford
to download it and install it in my private space. So you'd have to
do *all* the Erlang software examples for my CGI-hello-plus
collection, and then I'd just run your example remotely from here
and if it looks good I add a link from my document so that others
can use your example too.

you could also ask this question on their mailing list

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