Re: C++ Tutorial (a beginner's)

The idea of each section is to describe all the common tasks (for
the two specific data types highlighted in that section) that are
provided as built-in or library functions/operators/methods in at
least one of the languages, and right alongside that show how to
accomplish the same task in the other five languages. (Eventually I
might include more complicated algorithms that aren't built-in in
*any* of the languages, but first I want to cover the basics that
programmers in one language take for granted while programmers in
other languages sweat over implementing themselves.)

You might even
find that writing your own single-language tutorial isn't as
interesting as contributing to my multi-language "cookbook", so you
might just work with me instead of building your own document, but
that would be your choice.

I'd like your feedback!!!

I quite like, in fact love that idea. I think a beginner is a good
(not necessarily the best, but good enough) source of the knowledge
that he/she has grasped as those are still fresh in the mind. It would
serve me well to be a part of such an endeavour, I've never really
been a part of something like this and I'm looking forward to it.

What I am worried about is, do you think my being an almost complete
beginner would help you? I've written really simple programmes on my
own. I'll set it up and post the URL here when it's off the ground.

Thanx man!!!