Re: is this possible?

On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 00:24:01 GMT
"Mr. Arnold" <"Mr. Arnold"@Arnold.COM> wrote:


What are you talking about?

I thought I was being pretty clear - XML is not a language it
is a specification for creating languages. Unless you know the
semantics implied by the tags chosen for an XML then a document in that
XML conveys no information. I'm sure you would agree that the sample
above conveys no information to you - however you cannot know what
information it might convey to one who knows the semantics of the XML
it uses.

Come on man please, that's the whole point of XML is that you do know
the schema as otherwise there is no point in using XML.

My original point that XML is a meta language not a language can be
summed up nicely by observing that each schema defines a different language.

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