Re: T Trees

"Learner" <g.ankush1@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Ya I actually searched many papers for it. What advantage I found out
in using T Trees is that it ll help in searching me the memory
location when I arracng the tree in order of memory address.
And usually a free should be much faster than a malloc

A memory allocator doesn't normally need to search for a block at
free time. Instead, the caller of the free function provides a
direct pointer to the block that needs to be freed.

So T tree might be much benefitial for it. Please let me know
if u think there might be some other data structure that could
be more appropriate than it . Becasuse linear linked lists need
sequential search and also normal trees would be quite some
tardy to search the node. Just see the link I had sent you, n u
could see the benefits of it. The only problem I m facing is in
understanding that how actually I ll be able to implement the
insert ,delete and rebalance the tree.

Seriously, read some papers on memory allocators instead of
trying to reinvent the wheel.
Aim to please, shoot to kill.