Re: I have no idea how to attack this problem....

Phlip wrote:
Captain Dondo wrote:

How about a copy of a world atlas, some corporate letterhead and a

Oh, yeah. I forgot those legacy technologies are still in

Or perhaps ask to see the expense accounts of the CFO; they always fly to
all the offices pretty often.

Right. Another tip is not to snow the interviewer with technical


The interviewer is interested in your problem attack mode. 0%-25% is
curling up in a ball under a blanket and watching TV. 75% - 100%
percent is several simple strategies that can fail early and cheaply,
or could succeed elegantly.

I don't know about you, but most of the people I've interviewed take the interview way too seriously. A bit of 'out of the box' thinking can often be good - and shows that you can think creatively under pressure.

Not everything is best solved by writing code - even when you're a programmer.