Re: Open source OCR

If i could figure a use for OCR , and
Open OCR , and Open Software ,

i'd make a comment here .

But the direction you have , is not
productive .
I will be programming ARM , soon .

I will not be derailed/sidetracked into
My Software will communicate in
a straight forward fashion .
Thus it will have nothing to do with
"problems" of our socities "communication"
methods .

It will be the first true G.U.I. , in 8 KB of
the ARM Flash Bootloader .
It will NOT use ASCII text , nor English .

This means it will be impossible to
hide anything , even the kernel will
be dis-assembled in seconds , to
this G.U.I.
Any human , anywhere on earth ,
will be able to "figure" the functions
in the kernel , and patch them together
to form powerfull applications .

Modern programming , does not
get sidetracked , rearranging the chairs
on the Titanic ..


Try to write C in C . I can't think
of a more difficult , buggy , endeavor !
But writting anything in a true G.U.I.
is mousing Icons and images around
desktop !

If you now make $$ using C/C++ ,
Linux , ......don't quit your day job....