Re: implementation note for scapegoat tree

Ben Pfaff said:

"Lane Straatman" <invalid@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

"Richard Heathfield" <rjh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
How well does your tree perform?

This is Ben Pfaff's tree we're talking about. I wouldn't be
surprised if it were currently starring on Broadway.

But his ideas arose from looking at your stuff,

Whose ideas? I'm not aware that Richard Heathfield (or Dann
Corbit) has a connection to scapegoat trees.

But goats have a long association with trolls, and Mr Straatman shows
all the hallmarks, hence his introduction to my shiny new killfile.

For the record, I claim no prior art whatsoever on scapegoat trees -
indeed, I'd never even heard of them until Ben first raised the subject
here a few weeks ago.

Richard Heathfield
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