Making an exe for a Swing app and using external jars


Im making an Swing application that times canoe races. I want to be
able to give my client an executable file for the application that
runs once it is double clicked. The application uses xml and for this
he has used jars from the Web Services 2.0 pack. We are developing in
Eclipse and he just uses the "add external jars" option for this. We
then use a NSIS script to create the exe.

The problem arises when we take the generated EXE and run it on
another computer.The file loads but when we try to carry out a
function that requires any of those Jars from the web services package
the application doesn't work,error messages say that you cant find the
Class specified.

Also when we create a jar for the project and try to execute that the
same problem emerges.

I have downloaded a few free exe makers via source forge and once
again the same problem emerges.

Also some redesigning needs to be done on the gui so i want to move
the app to Netbeans so if someone could tell me how to this in either
Netbeans or eclipse that would be great.