Re: Perl or Python for Socket Programming?

Peyman wrote:
I'm about to start a project which involves transferring bulks of data
over a network and this is actually the main purpose of the project.
Programming languages that I can use are: C/C++, Java, Perl and
Python, but as long as platform indepenency and efficient execution is
needed, C/C++ and Java cannot be considered as the best language. So
which of Perl or Python do you recommend for such purpose?

I like Perl a lot and have been using it for well over 10 years, but
I would use Java for this task.

Java should execute faster for Perl. They both compile to byte code,
but Java does smarter and more sophisticated things with its byte code
than Perl does (at least as regards speedy execution).

Furthermore, Java is tops on being cross platform, and its sockets API
is really easy to use.

The only real negative with Java will be the startup time of the JVM.

- Logan