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begi <begi2010@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb:
Thanks for your immediately reply.
what do you think of C++ as language for speak with electronics device?

That's also a good choice.

I would like create software with visual c++ for read and write electronics
board (medical instruments).

I strongly recommend using a free compiler (e.g. GCC) and developing
under a unix-like environment. Otherwise you won't be able to write
portable code. Even when you are developing under Windows, you might
want to take a look at MSYS/DevC++ or Cygwin. It's also generally a
good idea to use a portable GUI-toolkit such as GTK, Qt or wxWidgets.
Don't mess around with the Windows API.

For communicating with an external device it's also usually a good
idea to split your program into a command line tool which does most
of the work, and a GUI that uses this tool.

Otherwise you'll write yet another windows-only GUI+logic-mangled
hard-to-test absolute-positioned-GUI application that will satisfy
its initial purpose but won't be usable for any other application
or any other operating system. Don't give up that freedom just
because you only know Visual C++. Learn more. The restrictions
you are setting up now will hurt you in the future.



Volker Grabsch
NotJustHosting GbR