Re: still remember the day computer programming "clicked" for me..

On Sep 7, 3:13?pm, john <qjohnny2...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Does anybody have such an experience - did you have a clicked moment ?


My first job was trouble-shooting digital logic.

I booted mini-computers from a program keyed in off
the blinkin' light front panel without ever knowing
what the instructions meant.

I diagnosed hardware arithmetic boards never knowing
how the algorithms actually worked, often infering
what the problem was by carefull analysis of the

I fixed processors made entirely of 74xx logic gates.
That was awesome, where one had to learn the internal
logic states of a single op-code in order to find the
faulty NAND expander gate.

I built a test rig to emulate the processor bus to test
DMA controller boards.

Then I learned a handful of the machine language op-codes,
enough to make a dozen instruction program that would
run fast enought to make a decent o-scope display. Line
printers were notoriousky difficult, not because the
circuitry was so hard, but because real-time devices were
so slow they were hard to trace.

Being able to program was just something that evolved,
it never "clicked".