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In article <86e0a732-877a-4034-98c7-b06c11f8eb1b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, spinoza1111 <spinoza1111@xxxxxxxxx> writes
you blame
the victims of the mess that has been made of C since unethical
standardization committees got their greasy paws on it in the 1990s.

So you feel Herbert Schildt is unethical? After all, he says (at <>):

He was a member of the original ANSI committee that standardized the
C language in 1989, and he was a member of the ANSI/ISO committee
that updated that standard in 1999.

Now, I only got involved in the 1990s, but I don't ever recall seeing him at a meeting of the ISO committee that produced C94 and C99 (the ANSI committee being a rubber-stamp body by that time).

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