Re: sorting 1 million integers with 2MB RAM

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If the question were:
"How would you go about developing a commercial disk based sorting
Then the answer is to use replacement selection or a multi-way merge.

A person of ordinary intelligence would already assume, since he is being
interviewed for a job as a computer programmer, that that *was* the
question. =A0If he has to explicitly be told that, he is not a suitable
candidate. =A0Tell him thanks for coming in and go on to the next guy.

If you fail to consider build verses buy or just adding more RAM, then
I think you are not solving the problem correctly.
If I were dismissed from such an interview, I would be glad of it. I
would not want to work there anyway.

The right answer is not to give them what they want to hear. The
right answer is to give them the right answer.

The right answer involves solving the problem within the given constraints.
If you are going to allow more memory then why not require fewer numbers
to sort? Or an already sorted list? Or a completely different problem?

Anyway, I can get as creative as you can. Want to add more memory? Sorry,
this is an old machine and all the memory slots are full. Commercial sort
program? Nice idea. Your budget is $11.37 and you have a day. If you
can pull that off then good luck. There's a free version? Cool. Pity our
internet connection is down.

Now, solve the problem.

Defendit numerus