Re: The spinoza papers: design of the extra-precision number object 2

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The contention: "we" cannot think outside the integers, and "we"
therefore define any deviant system in terms of the integers.
> Whether
"we" use subscripts or "we" use repetition, "we" must still use the
Concept of the mighty One, the mighty two, and so forth, as found in
Lotze's recursive bootstrap of the Dao de Jong:

道生一。 一生二。 二生三。 三生萬物。Dao sheng yi, yi sheng er, er sheng san, san sheng
wan wu. Tao engenders One, One engenders Two, Two engenders Three,
Three engenders the ten thousand things.

One, two, three, many.
That appears to be a law of the universe. I don't think there is a way around it, even by using a base Phi number system.

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