Re: How many bugs can be fixed in a week ?

Chris M. Thomasson schrieb:
"Lothar Behrens" <lothar.behrens@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I want to know how many bugs a week can be fixed. In general I know,
this is very variable and specific.

But I want to get an overview based on projects and size of company.

My last experiance of a company saying that 20 to 30 bugs could be
fixed a week. The environment is as follows:


How many bug fixes result in creating brand new bugs? Ouch.

Thats why I feel to need more time to fix a bug. Not creating a new
one by looking a little more deeper
in the bug. There is a cause and a result that is not always at the
same point of code.

I think, the measure was an ideal one from developers with more than
five years of experience.
They do a lot things much faster :-)

I was a beginner for that complex software system (about 1.5M lines of
code). It is not only
the code, but the much settings in the application configuration that
increases the complexity.

Also there is a lot time lost in issuing questions to other developers
by mail and waiting.
This time is not recognized by Team foundation server I think.

OTOH I have to read the documentation to get the required information
about how to use the software
to reproduce a bug. Only then I can narrow the code with contains the
resulting place.

This time is also not recognized in TFS I think.

Anyway, the average number of bugs per week per developer of 20 to 30
seems really one for experts
and not for a beginner.

So using that information to make pressure to me, I am too slow. And
they will give me more trial time
in the new company to gain that speed in the next half year was - in
my view - unfair.

I have decided to quit the job :-(

This thread was only a try to get a narrow what is possible. But
taking measures by TFS is not always the best choice. (Taking an
average over all time and not the average for the first year per

I have also a private (LGPL) project since 8 years. So my experience
in that software is 8 years.
And there I sometimes have spend several days to find a bug :-)