Re: Confused about programming tendency..

On Feb 19, 10:03 am, DocuMaker <documa...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Is this an acceptable programming strategy?

"Have final result or picture in mind (think of schema and that damn
date graph where you needed to get certain values to match), and then
code program until it looks that way or gets the answers you want??"

I don't like that strategy but I've used it twice and it solved
problems. There's a real problem with the solution... it doesn't seem
planned. Just "try this and try that" till FINALLY it works/looks the
way it needs to.

In all the frustration, I don't think I learned anything. I feel like
I *hacked* my own stuff just to get it to work!!! :-(

Well, it's acceptable in the sense of traditional programming,
since it's mostly an inherited habit of the original vacuum tube
and telephone line

But's it's why modern architectures where initiated to minimize the
need for that
type of "Hunt-and-Peck' type programmig.
Which is lot of the reason the researxh into stuff like optical
computers, laser disks,
fiber optics connectivity, embedded processors, holographic,
and self-testing, were even started.