Re: linked lists

Franken Sense <frank@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

I'm trying to get my head around what types of things simple abstract data
structures can do. I'm working through chps 11-13 of c unleashed such as I

I compiled the example for a singly-linked list with
gcc sllistmn1.c sllist.o -Wall -o out
and get the following output:

[...useless data...]

q1) how is the title c++ unleashed specified in the source?

How? YOU've got the source, tell us!

q2) I would think a "stable sort" is one that doesn't blow up in your
face. Apparently, a stable sort is an algorithm that preserves the
original ordering of items with equal keys. Why is this desirable?

Indeed, why would this be desirable? Can't you imagine a situation
where changing the order of the items between two sorts would be bad
or at least molesting?

__Pascal Bourguignon__