Re: Diagramming methods for complex nested loops and logic? Warnier method? Others?

On 20 June, 19:34, mike <mikeer...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What are my options for getting my head around very complex logic,
including many levels of conditional nestedness?

structure chart?

flow diagram- but onlyif its *really* bad- with non-nested gotos

Someone told me the "Warnier" method was very powerful for diagramming
programming logic. I think that's an older technique; wonder if it's
still the best.

I easily get lost when there are too many levels of nestedness.

a sign that things have gone very wrong

Wondering what techniques programmers here have found useful for
managing program logic complexity. Guessing there's no One True Method
that works best for everyone. I'd like to try out a few and see what
works for me.

basically, don't let it go that way in the first place.

See Pascal's post