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Richard Heathfield wrote:
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Somehow i always wanted to avoid java...
It looks kinda strange, but i guess i should start with it :D
Why cant AI be made in c :(

If you can do it in Java, you can sure as eggs is eggs do it in C. Unfortunately, you can't do it in Java OR C, because Artificial Intelligence is pretty much defined as "task that we don't yet know how to do". The moment we discover how to implement an AI project, it suddenly becomes obvious that it isn't AI!

(By the same logic, it doesn't matter who you vote for, because the Government always seems to get in. Sometimes the winner is Conservative/Republican, and sometimes it's Labour/Democrat, but it's always Government!)

Having said that, there are some cool not-quite-AI things you can do - e.g. neural networks - and you can certainly do those in C.

well, i preety much agree with everything you said, and i would rather try certain things in c, but would that be a better way?
Would u advise me to do some not-quite-AI things in c or in java?