Re: IDE for C with good context sensitive help

On 25-May-10 15:17 PM, Hans wrote:
On 23/05/10 07:30, Jens Marder wrote:
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Sorry about the cross posting.

I used to write utilities with Turbo C and Borland C++ Builder in the
early 1990. I retired at 65 a few month ago and want to rewrite some of
utilities and other items to run on 64bit Linux.

To my surprise, I can not finds a IDE with a context senitive help
system like that with Borland C++ Builder where I can look up C library
functions, macros, required headers, sample code, etc.

I tried ANJUTA. Works Ok, except there is no context sensitive help for
C library functions, etc and I can't find a "doc_book" for the purpose.

Does anyone know a suitable IDE that has the desired help system. (Kylix
is dead)


Try MS Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition (it's free)

I use Borland C++-Builder for Windows but need something similar to run
on Linux and produce executables to run on Linux that incororates a
context sensitive help system to save me wading through tons of
documentation to finds the right ,h include file fore Linux specific
functions and macros, etc.

Tried Eclipse? It has so many options I can't even find right away if it comes with context sensitive help :-)