Re: LGPL 2.1 and New BSD license

"Armando" <a.b@xxxx> wrote in message
I need some clarifications about LGPL and New BSD licenses.
By using QT free license (LGPL 2.1) I know I can distribute my program
as an executable and so as closed source. Am I right?
However I can only dynamically link the QT libraries used by my program.
Does it mean any user who executes my program has to download QT to
execute my program? Or can I distribute also the QT object files
required by my program?
If my program makes also use of other libraries under New BSD license,
what changes?

LGPL requires releasing the source for the LGPL'ed library and any changes
made to this library, and if one is using the library, ideally they provide
a link back to where the sources can be gotten.

AFAIK, one is also supposed to be able to rebuild the library and use it
with the pre-existing app (although AFAIK this is not specified until

however, it is allowed to not release the source for other parts of the app
(unlike the full GPL, which would require releasing all app sources).

distributing apps in binary form is not a problem with either the LGPL or
GPL, provided sources are made available as well...

using BSD sources should not make any issue with a GPL'ed or LGPL'ed project

maybe others can provide clarifications or corrections, as I forget a lot of
the details...

Thank You!