Re: "Why is it necessary to classify data according to its type in computer programming?"

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Would you mind identifying the textbook?

You may buy it at

Thanks ....

I was going to be snarky and say "why would I want to buy it?"
(given that based on the quoted excerpt I'm not very impressed),
but even if I wanted to apparently I couldn't! because when
I point a browser at the above link I get a page that tells me

"This product is not currently available for purchase from this

Maybe availability depends on geographic area? I am in the US,
and the URL suggests Australia.

Oops. I wasn't aware that UPS didn't work in Australia.
must be fake.

Say what? What does this have to do with what I reported?
What I get when I point a browser at the link cited by the OP is
a page with the book's title and a picture of its cover and the
text above, and that's about it. Do you get something else?

B. L. Massingill
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