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RangeTradeMaster <8784170@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

I know this has been asked a load of times, but i'm looking for
specifics please, thx. I'm new to programming, i've done some Access
Database work in the past, and need to learn how to create Web
Applications. My goal is to create applications that will be tied to
an Oracle9i backend and delivered to a browser. I guess my question is
why would you go with one technology versus the other, for example
Adobe AIR versus .Net versus Java...?

It's not really possible to answer to that question when you don't know

On the other hand, often it's people who don't know programming who
decide these matters, therefore the answer is entirely "political"
(eg. which salespeople will provide the buyer the best girls).

__Pascal Bourguignon__
A bad day in () is better than a good day in {}.

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