Re: New to Web Applications and programming entirely...

RangeTradeMaster wrote:

I know this has been asked a load of times, but i'm looking for
specifics please, thx. I'm new to programming, i've done some Access
Database work in the past, and need to learn how to create Web

Access is a great tool. I have been a long-time Access developer and fan (all version since v2.0 until 2007). Only good for desktop or small workgroups though.

My goal is to create applications that will be tied to
an Oracle9i backend and delivered to a browser. I guess my question is
why would you go with one technology versus the other, for example
Adobe AIR versus .Net versus Java...?

I'm not really an expert on this, but my comments may be of help hopefully. 1) ColdFusion is a rapid application development platform built with dynamic-data in mind, for a browser using connectivity to any database. 2) PHP is a language for Web development. Some Web developers have suggested me to adopt it, 3) but the new wave on Web rapid development (as suggested from many computer science friends lately) seems to be DJango and RoR (Ruby on Rails). You may want to include those on your research (or perhaps someone else who have used any of these technologies could expand on this).

No matter what platform or solution you use the key element here is SQL, which will be used to connect from any front-end or interface to the back-end whether it is Oracle, MySQL, or even Access.

Hope that helps.