Re: How best to declare something public domain

On Jan 8, 5:45 am, c...@xxxxxxxx (Richard Harter) wrote:

This may seem odd, but bear with me.  On my web site I have sundry
articles on various algorithms.  Quite frequently I will include
illustrative code.  One such article was the ascending minima
algorithm for computing the minimum of a sliding window.  It's a
rather pretty O(1) algorithm.  The article includes a C

Someone wrote, saying that it "great stuff" and asked "What license is
the code distributed under?  I started to write back, "It's not under
any license - as far as I am concerned it's public domain."  Then I
thought, how can I make it public domain.  Futher, is that a wise
thing to do in this age of obsession over the ownership of
intellectual property.

From the other posts this sounds like a minefield. If it helps, I just
noticed that Creative Commons has a CC *zero* licence I'd not seen
before. It might be exactly what you are looking for. See

Their other offerings may also help