Re: WHATWG and HTML: brain dead idea?

On 01/21/11 10:01 AM, Rui Maciel wrote:
It appears that the folks from WHATWG are trying to derrail the web.
Recently, it has been proposed[1] that the world to abandon web standards
in favour of a free-for-all, loose definition of HTML that no one knows
exactly what it is and therefore it is impossible to correctly implement
it. In practice it means that only the features provided by the most
popular browser means something, similar to how things were in the
primordial times of the web, with all those "optimized for IE5.0" sites.

So, what are your views on this "HTML as a living standard" thing?

It is undoubtedly an inevitable result of a combination of the cumbersome standardisation process and the (over)ambitious scope of the specification.

The technology is simply evolving too fast for the process to keep up.

Ian Collins