Re: How to get one interested in programming!

On 30-Jun-11 7:49 AM, vaib wrote:
> ...
So how can I get her interested? I mean I thought that I could simply
provide her with a few very easy coding tasks like - printing
fibonacci, printing multiples of 3 and so on ...and then when she'd
see that she can actually solve something and see it happen on the
system then probably she'd find the drive for more!

Be realistic. Is it possibly to *make* something interesting to anyone?

I don't know a lot about money. I don't /spend/ it -- i.e., I don't throw it around willy-nilly -- and so it seems I have enough of it to buy whatever I like, as long as I don't suddenly get a craving for stuff such as a new Ferrari.
Does the subject of "money" interest me? Getting more money, evading taxes, grand financial schemes, or even my pension fund? Nah -- and no chance anyone can make this interesting for me either.

If despite your valiant efforts, your friend still cannot be made to like programming, have her find a hobby she actually does like.