Best way to detect file versions


I have developed an internal file format that did not support yet any
versioning. I want to support file versions in my next release, as I
have breaking changes in that release.

In the first version I have a main 'configuration' file that the
application will create. In there is a dynamic structure that I can
use to stor any parameter.

Also I have a file per application (I can store different application
layouts - prototyping information). In that I do not yet have any
dynamic container that I can use for storing version information for
that file.

The application relies on a UML model that the system imports and the
file contains the representation of the UML model. Thus the
application file. Details are not related to the versioning problem .

What is the best and easiest way to get a solution?

A new file extension would be the easiest solution, but I need to add
code to check for exsistence of old or new files.

Pro: It is simply detected by an existence of files with given
extension and switch to the corresponding function
that handles that version.

Con: It can only be used for detecting the beginning of a versioned
file, not the versions in that file at future.

Using my visitor pattern based function to check for a specific
element in the file as a version prefix would be
possible as I have implemented a delegation mechanism using a
namespace string from the visitor function to
the real storage function. The namespace is used to select an
implementaton by a plugin mechanism. This way
I am able to select a version2 plugin if I find a corresponding
version information in the file.

In my second version I generate the plugin code that stores or loads
the application data. Thus the big work is

Pro: The version is optionally possible and if not, version 1 is
assumed. The implementation will support multible
versions by a namespace means (document format version). Finally a
second version can be used to support
breaking changes at modelling level (UML => XML => XSLT => Internal
format). This second version is the
document version.

Con: I need to open scan the file for a specific version information
before reading the document with a proper
implementation. Thus I need to seek back to position 0.

At the end of writing I found that I also could place the full
namespace into the file. In that way I do not need to
add code except reading the namespace to select a proper plugin to
read the document.

The implementation must run in Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Solaris. I
may prefer document version information carried within the file.

What do you mean?

Are there other ways to solve the problem?



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