Re: Finding just one solution to N-queen problem by observing the pattern of solutions

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>Did anyone do this before? That is, just input the N and the solution
>is constructed by just putting the queens on the board directly. This
>takes linear time.
>Recently, I found the pattern for all N except N = 9, 15, 21, ...,
>Although I haven't proved the solution mathematically, I tested my
>method for N below 1000.
>To avoid reinventing the wheel, I would like to know if anyone did this
>Thank you for your time.

I did something like this about 12 years ago. Mine didn't work for about
1/4 of the cases. It was the same kind of thing. There were 3 cases and
each one had its own pattern. I wrote a little C program and tested it
up to about n=600. I'll post it if there's interest. I never bothered
to try publishing it.
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