Re: data compression program

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I have designed an amazing data compression program for my computer
company. It compressess data in any format to half its size without
losing any information.

If it losslessly compresses any data to half the size, can you run it
twice to compress to one fourth the size? Three times to one eighth?

What's the limit?

The great thing about it is there is no limit to how many times you can
compress it. That's what makes it better than the competition.

I want to get a patent for this. How do I do
this? Would my company own the patent?

If and only if your written employment contract with them specifies
they own anything you develop (which is a common contract term).

Then I should get a lawyer.

If so, should I quit my company and not tell them about my invention?

The common contract terms say something like "anything developed during

the term of employment", which means they would own it whether you told

them now or not. But IP law is complex. For example, if you developed

it in your own time at home using your own equipment then you might
a stronger claim (again, depending on the terms of your employment
contract). See a lawyer.

I'll talk to a lawyer. Do you or anyone know any good ones in

So far, they don't know. I don't want anyone to steal it from me.
No one knows about how it works except
for my boyfriend and he doesn't really understand it because he never
went to college like me.

Did you study Shannon's theorem in your college?

No. I majored in information science/liberal arts, not math, so we
didn't have to learn any technical theorems.