Re: Microsoft Interview Questions

Q2) What is an efficient way to determine whether a string is a
permutation of another string? What is your run time?

damn i forgot.. another method would be to use XOR and apply it to some
integer for each char of the two strings (presuming that the char value
can be casted to an integer tipe...) like that :

4 int isperm(char *s1, char *s2) {
6 int retval = 0;
8 while (*s1 || *s2) {
9 retval ^= *s1 ^ *s2 ;
10 ++s1; ++s2;
11 }
12 return retval || (*s1 != *s2);
13 }

this is a O(n) algorithm where n is the lenght of the "shortest" string.


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