Secure connection to a SQL database from a Java client

From: Jo3 (
Date: 10/20/03

Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 00:58:02 +0100


I am currently undertaking a software project that will require secure
connection from a Java UI client to an SQL database located on a different
machine. I have been researching possible solutions to this and would like
your opinion on the following:

1. Client software on a remote computer opens a secure connection to the
server machine running at a prespecified IP.
2. A further Java program acts as a server on the machine holding the
database, this program decrypts commands sent from the client software,
communicates with the SQL database and sends back encrypted data.

Would there be easier ways of doing this and will it be simple to implement
user name/password verification in the server software?

Thanks in advance for your help!