Re: MySQL JDBC driver - implications for non-GPLed apps

From: Chris Smith (
Date: 05/14/04

Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 13:50:21 -0600

Carl Rosenberger wrote:
> I see this a little different:
> The community gets back a free stable GPL version.
> Developers that produce closed source themselves get a stable fast
> database engine at a fair price.

This hinges on the false dichotomy that there are open source developers
and closed source developers, and never the twain shall meet. That's
clearly not true. Though there are certainly idealogues in the world
who would never touch a piece of closed-source software, there are a
whole lot more practical commercial software developers who contribute
to open-source projects.

That makes it far less clear that it's fair to charge for software
developed under the GPL. The same people who are paying MySQL for the
privilege of writing their tools are people who are likely involved in
other open source software (though, according to the comments in this
thread, probably not involved in developing MySQL itself).

Besides, if this is so fair and ship-shape, why use a free license
deceptively, instead of writing a license to give the rights you want
people to have?

> This is a problem of the U.S. legal system:
> If you are sued, it will cost you money, even if the other party comes
> up with something completely ridiculous.

That doesn't prevent anyone from validly blaming organizations that
abuse the legal system for personal profit.

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