Re: MySQL JDBC driver - implications for non-GPLed apps

From: John Beardmore (
Date: 05/21/04

Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 20:30:48 +0100

In message <c84p9l$617$05$>, Carl Rosenberger
<> writes

>"(Ab)using the legal system for personal profit", isn't that
>what capitalism is all about?

I thought it was about being able to sell your goods / services in an
open market at the going rate.

But since when was the GPL about capitalism ? And for that matter, all
though what goes around tends to come around, why should a capitalist
ethos have to drive the GPL, and why must the GPL be interpreted in a
capitalist light ?

I'm not a lawyer, but as far as I can see the GPL imposes a license to
use agreed items of software in a particular way.

I'm not sure that it is generally seen as a template - rather as
something that you release under or not.

It you want to base your own license n the GPL, that may be all well and
good, but your derivative work won't be the GPL.

Cheers, J/.

John Beardmore

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