Re: Count the nuimber of results in a Result Set

kaeli wrote:
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>> The problem is when the program runs the line "rs.first()" an error
>> occurs and it says "Result Set type is TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY". I must
>> use that line rs.first() in order to continue on after counting the
>> number of results. In another part of my program I check to see if
>> the number of results is equal to 1... if it is, then I want to get
>> information from the database... so, my problem right now is that I
>> can't go to the first row in the ResultSet. How do I eliminate this
>> TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY problem???
> That would depend on whether your DBMS / driver supports anything
> other than forward only result sets.
> Mine didn't.
> I had to make my own resultset object from the orginal resultset that
> implemented that as well as maintained a record count and whatnot. My
> application then used my custom rs object instead of a real ResultSet.

For large results it can be more efficient to execute two queries: one
that counts records and the second one that actually returns results.

> If it IS supported, then you have to specify what you wanted as scroll
> insensitive in the create statement, IIRC.
> See the docs.

Yep, that would be the first thing to try.

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