Re: "MySql 5" or "SQL Server 2005 Express"?

Marc SIRAMY wrote:
D. wrote:
Hi everyone,
do you have any experience using "MySql 5" (with MySql jdbc connector) or "SQL Server 2005 Express" (with jtds connector as database-engine in a java web application?

I have to choose one of them for a commercial web application that is database-indipendent but I've not idea what is the best (consider that the application server and database server are the same Ms Windows machine).

Thanks in advance,

What is the best, or what do you need ? That's the first question.
Then, which is the database that correponds to your needs ?

Google, as I know, run on MySql ( ).
MySQL probably sastify most of databases uses.

If your needs are not compatible with MySQL use,
maybe fyracle/firebird is a good choice ( , )

Also consider PostgreSQL



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