Re: JDBC thin Drivers for MS Access (no ODBC), any freeware, opensource available?

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Then of course there's the fact that Access is a very weak database engine.
Very weak. Why not use Derby (Java DB) or Postgres or any of the host of
actually worthy, free RDBMSes that actually work?
Access is unsurpassed as a multi-database front end for application
I worded that very badly partly because I thought that "database front
end" meant a tool used to examine databases like SQL Workbench or IBM
Data Studio. A web search showed me that the term can mean anything at
all. The multi-database part was because Access can be used with any
database that has an ODBC driver. The "application programming" part
was to distinguish it from tools that can be used to administer a

The current conversation is about using Java to connect to Access as a back end, so any benefits of Access as a front end are not relevant.