Designing presentation-tier for occasionally connected applications.

From: Vijay Kumar (
Date: 02/04/04

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    Date: 4 Feb 2004 09:42:46 -0800


    We are in the process of developing a web-based app that needs to be
    functional when the user is on the road where the Internet connection
    to the server is not available. There are 3 basic requirements:

    1. Must be web-based, not a fat client app.
    2. The UI for the offline mode and on-line should be identical.
    3. In the off-line mode some basic functionality to enter data (fill
    forms) should be available, that do not need to be reentered when the
    connectivity is available.

    Can some one think of a solution on how one would design this app. To
    me disconnect from the network mean no web application, but some one
    here insisted that we can put a web-server/appserver on each client
    machine (about 200 of these).

    Swing based solutions are ruled out because that is not a web-based

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


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