Who is interested in working on a web controls project?

From: Mathias Soeken (soeken_at_pprojekt.de)
Date: 03/10/04

Date: 10 Mar 2004 04:54:51 -0800

Hello NG,

Two years ago, I have created a project for web controls
(www.pprojekt.de). I am working alone on this project, so I have not
done a lot for the project in the last time.

But now I want to work on this project again and I am searching for
developers who are interested in working on the project.

The project should be an open source project for web controls. I would
use the languages php and java, and perhaps also perl and asp.net.

So, if there is anybody, who has the time and wants to work on this
project with me, can contact me:

Email: soeken@pprojekt.de
i-c-q: 337-035-232

Best regards,