trying to integrate jfcUnit on Maven

From: Manuel (
Date: 11/16/04

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    Date: 15 Nov 2004 17:32:40 -0800

    I have been trying with no success to add the jar jfcUnit.jar on my
    maven project. the main problem is that anytime i am trying to build
    it. I get the following message:

    Attempting to download jfcunit.
    WARNING: Failed to download jfcunit.
    The build cannot continue because of the following unsatisfied


    On my project.xml I have defined the jfcunit dependency as follows:


    on the file system itself i have inserted this jfcunit on commons-cli
    directory. I have also added to the classpath, and I have tried on
    eclipse and it works. Nevertheless wnytime i am trying to build a
    project sing maven, i am getting the same error.

    I would appreciate any help regarding this matter.


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