Re: Funky problem with JTable cell rendering

From: Jan Danielsson (
Date: 12/31/04

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    Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 23:56:36 +0100

    Christian Kaufhold wrote:
    >>At this point, I expect to get the most common answer: "You need to
    >>implement getColumClass() in your table model".
    >>I already did that, look:
    >> public Class getColumClass(int col) {
    >> System.out.println("Returning: " + getValueAt(0, col).getClass());
    >> return getValueAt(0, col).getClass();
    >> }
    > The method to override is called "getColumnClass".

    Wadd'ya know! :-) Thanks!

    Makes me wonder: I wonder if those other having the same problem as I
    had copied code from the same webpage as I did?

    > Your implementation is wrong in some places:
    > 1. It will fail with an exception if the TableModel happens to have
    > zero rows at one time.

    How come? When does getColumnClass() get called, other than when there
    are rows?

    > 2. It will give wrong results if the class of the element in the
    > first row is not the same or a superclass of the elements in the
    > other rows, e.g. if the first row contains a String, but the other
    > rows don't all also contain Strings, but other objects.

    This limitation I am aware of, but since the colums are directly mapped
    to columns in an SQL database, that doesn't matter.

    Thanks for spotting that typo..

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