Re: JTable horizontal scrollbar problem

From: Roland (
Date: 01/22/05

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 10:22:35 +0100

On 22-1-2005 8:44, Sathishkumar wrote:

> Dear All,
> JTable horizontal scrollbar problem
> I have one JFrame with gridbaglayout.
> And i have jtable with in scrollpane. this scrollpane added in the
> JPanel.
> i added the jpanel in the JFrame. i have 100 columns and 100 rows in
> the jtable.
> When i see the output i am able to see the vertical scrollbar. But i
> am not able to see the horizontal scrollbar. When ever i resize the
> JFrame, JTable also getting resized, but it is not displaying the
> horizontal scroll bar.
> If some one know about this problem. please help me to resolve.
> -sathish
And all those 100 columns get squeezed in the scrollpane?
Check out

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