Re: What's the secret to using JSeparator?

nospam@xxxxxxxxxx <jjdumb@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> e.g.
> pnlCenter.setLayout(new SomeLayoutWithHorizontalFills());
> pnlCenter.add("hfill", new JSeparator.HORIZONTAL);

Presumably, you meant "new JSeparator(JSeparator.HORIZONTAL)"? The code
above doesn't compile.

> You can find a great layout manager at
> which supports horizontal fills

Of course, if your goal is to find a layout manager that supports
horizontal fills, you could just use BorderLayout, BoxLayout, GridLayout
(with only one column), SpringLayout, or even OverlayLayout or
CardLayout, from the standard API.

RiverLayout looks like it might be nice from some other perspectives,
but it's hardly necessary to add a third-party layout manager just to
achieve spanning the whole width of its container.

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