Re: Problems typing text with Java 6 on a Mac OS X Leopard

On 2 Feb., 11:34, Kreisquadratur <u...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

since some time ago I can't input text into Java programs. I'm sorry
that I can't specify the whole thing very clearly, but this is what I
got so far:

* My OS is Mac OS X (10.5.6)
* My Java Version is 1.6.0
* No text appears in AWT/Swing applications
* The Enter key is working

This problem appears only if I run a simple test app with the Java
version 1.6.0. It does not appear when I run the same compiled app
with the java version 1.5.0.

Any ideas or ever heard of that problem? Is it X related? 32/64bit

Thanks a lot.

Also I noticed, that every kind of key modification works, e.g. CMD+X,
CMD+C, CMD+V works as well as CTRL+X or SHIFT+CTRL+X. What does not
work is simple SHIFT+X to let the capital letter X being displayed.