Re: Making md5-hash 'mysql compatible'

From: Oscar kind (
Date: 03/04/04

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    Date: 04 Mar 2004 07:40:41 GMT

    Daan <> wrote:
    > To store a password in a database, I have used MySQL's MD5-function to
    > create a hash of the password. Now I have a user who enters a password
    > (via an html form) that needs to be checked. I have tried to create an
    > md5-hash using the MessageDigest class, but since this works on bytes
    > (not on strings), I have not been able to create a hash (as a string)
    > that I can compare to the hash string that is stored in the database.
    > How can I create a hash of the password that the user enters, such that
    > is is equal to the hash in the MySQL database? (provided that the user
    > enters the right password)

    AFAIK, the MD5 hashing algorithm is the same in both cases (it is a
    published algorithm). Thus the trick is to put the same bytes into it as
    MySQL does.

    Assuming that MySQL uses the US-ASCII character encoding, I suspect MySQL
    uses these bytes to hash "foo":

    Make sure you catch the UnsupportedEncodingException (personally, I
    rethrow is as an Error/AssertionError, as I believe it's a JRE
    configuration issue, but your opinion may be different).


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